RTL languages cause problems with link entry dialog

I can’t enter links. I only see the black overlay, no modal though. Anyone having the same issues as me ?

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It works fine with en locale

Yes that will be a problem for all RTL layouts.

The problem is that the left position of the insert-link modal is hard-coded into the html. Anytime left or right positioning is set with inline styles it will break for rtl layouts unless a check is made in the code to see if the current layout is rtl and the left/right values are flipped.

Sure, Can you give me the element that gets the inline property ? I’ll change it with Jquery from admin as a temporary solution

it is .rtl .d-editor .d-editor-modal.insert-link[style]

You can get in on the screen, but not centered, with this as custom css:

.rtl .d-editor .d-editor-modal.insert-link[style] {
    left: auto !important;
    right: 50px;

Fair enough. It works ! Thanks

This is fixed now on the latest master branch.