[RU] FAQ compilation: Facebook Group vs Discourse

Dear Russian-language speakers,

I’ve compiled a bunch of articles and topics from Meta into a FAQ in Russian language comparing Facebook Groups and Discourse.

It translates as the following: A Forum or a Facebook Group - what’s the difference?

We wrote this article in our Russian Culture Centre forum in Adelaide, Australia as a response to many small local group owners in Facebook who keep asking us “why should we move to your forum”.

We kindly ask you not to copy/paste the same text over to your Russian-speaking community forum without linking to the original article (alternatively, consider just inserting the link and let people read it on our forum — many thanks).


Can we have small discussion about Russian speaking discourse based forums?

Привет, кто использует движок? Как долго? Каков ваш опыт использования? Аудитория?

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But not in this topic
Plus, the questions you asked can still be asked in English, so that others will benefit from the discussion as well.