Running on t3.micro getting Warning "Requires 1GB of RAM"

I try to install Discourse on t3.micro instance on AWS. I run the ./discourse-setup and it doesn’t run, shows me “Warning: Discourse requires 1GB RAM to run, This system does not appear to have sufficient memory”. I do have 1Gb of RAM and it doesn’t continue the setup process.

How to solve this please.

It has less than 1gb a computed by the script. You can edit discourse-setup or get a bigger vm. Also, there is a switch that will skip doing those tests. You can look at the script to see what it is. (EDIT: That switch will skip just the connection test, not the memory test.

Here’s the memory test:

check_linux_memory() {
  ## some VMs report just under 1GB of RAM, so
  ## make an exception and allow those with more
  ## than 989MB
  mem=`free -m --si | awk ' /Mem:/ {print $2}'`
  if [ "$mem" -ge 990 -a "$mem" -lt 1000 ]; then
    echo 1
    echo `free -g --si | awk ' /Mem:/  {print $2} '`


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