S3 programmatic access checkbox

I’m following the instructions to set up AWS S3 for uploads and backups.

I’ve got as far as creating a user account and the instruction:

Type in a descriptive user name and make sure the “Programmatic access” checkbox is checked.

There isn’t a checkbox for this and, having created the user account, I can’t find any way to enable it access explicity as part of the IAM user settings. Has something changed so that the step is no longer required, or has the enablement method changed?

Anyone (@zogstrip) got a thought about this? I’ll set up a CDN and point my test server to the S3 buckets in the meantime and see what happens. I’ll also check again that I haven’t missed anything in the S3 settings for the user I created.

This was my concern also!

The documentation says about Programmatic Access. I think this is no longer needed!

Seems the documentation needs to be updated!

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