S3 upload: Bypass Discourse local storage


We would like our users to upload files (images specifically but hopefully video later), however since we are running Discourse using Docker, there’s no point in Discourse storing the files locally before the files are sent to S3.

Is there anyway we can bypass Discourse’s local storage and just fire the images off to S3 straight away when someone uploads a file?


No. The upload handling would have to be significantly reworked to go straight to S3.


Hi Andrew,

Great, thanks for your reply!

I would like us to get to direct s3 uploads using some sort of ticket system. The big problem though is that this would only be useful for attachments, it is critical all images go via the app.

For images we always do a bit of magic first, ensuring giant PNGs turn into JPEGS and such.

I don’t see us working on this in the next few months at least.


This is now an active project:


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