Same window opening for website link


I want to open in same window website link in profil, but even if I check or not “default other external links in new tab”, it always open in new window.

Is that normal, if yes is there some JS code to avoid that ?


Sorry for beeing confused.
You can replace my word “window” by “tab”.

I want that clicking on website link open the page in the same tab.

the link from the user profile will always open that way into another window or tab. the profile setting you specify for external links applies to posted links in the topics (but not one boxes). it’s really kind of a pointless setting tbh. unless you are a forum admin with coding skills, you won’t be able to change this for the user profile or card weblink. i hope this helps.

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I wonder why oneboxes don’t respect the Open all external links in a new tab user preference?

But it does look like the link in the profile is being classed as one, so that would explain why it also isn’t respecting the preference:

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