Save an entire topic to disk

as the subject goes, the forum thread, e.g.(random one):

ctrl+s to save the page in chrome(get the *.mhtml file) without scrolling down, then the bottom parts is blank;
ctrl+s to save the page in chrome(get the *.mhtml file) after scrolling down to bottom, then the top parts is blank;
as the gif captured:


any insights here? what it expect here is the complete parts saved locally.

thanks for the consideration and possible optimisation.

I believe you can do a control-p to have the whole topic downloaded. How to print a topic as a PDF

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thanks for your reply, it basically works, quite well.

anyway, there’s stll the shortcoming: the photos can’t be extracted separated, compared with the ctrl+s function, so it’s still expected to be optimised, if possible.

thanks again.

Can’t you control-s the print page? (I’ve not tried, on my phone now).


that works. to be fair, there’re still some .css style or elements missing via control-s the print page.

or maybe i expect it to be too perfect 100%: what it displays in the browser, then get it down locally.

you make it 1 step further, thanks, Jay.

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