Save button on profile page disappears with Calendar plugin

When the calendar plugin is enabled and you visit the /preferences/profile page through the interface, the save changes button disappears and I see this in the console:

If I go to the profile url directly I see this in the console:

The issue occurs here:

Unfortunately, I don’t know where the issue comes from (I don’t encounter it), but maybe it will give a clue to someone else with better knowledge :slight_smile:

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I can’t reproduce this on meta. Can you try either with safe mode or by disabling other themes or plugins. I suspect something else might be interfering.

I was afraid of that. When I use safe mode disabling unofficial it still does this, but when I disable all plugins the issue goes away. Then I tried disabling all other official plugins except calendar in /admin/plugins and it still happens. I also cannot duplicate this on my sandbox so it seems to be something specific with my site and the calendar plugin. I also get this error when enabling calendar Unable to configure link to 'Calendar'. Ensure ad-blockers are disabled and try reloading the page. and ublock is disabled.

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On the broken site, can you run this in the browser console and share the output here:


I ran that on this page on an NPN page (as an anonymous user), and it returns an array of 25 languages (with names and values), which seems fine.

I see the same, oddly this morning despite not having changed anything, the problem is gone :face_with_spiral_eyes:


FYI this was a conflict with the multilingual plugin. I’ve disabled that and all is well again.


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