The "Save Changes" button is very low on my user preferences interface page

I’m experiencing this odd bug where my “Save Changes” is very low on my user preferences interface page. The button is in the right place in every other preferences category.

I am not experiencing this on Discourse Meta.

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If it doesn’t happen on Meta this is most likely a theme issue. Can you reproduce on Safe Mode?


The bug occurs when I do not disable unofficial plugins.

My two unofficial plug-ins are


@angus What do you think? Have you seen this bug before?


Try rebuilding with one disabled to isolate the culprit. After finding which one, please report in the plugin topic.


@debryc This one is caused by a conflict between the discourse-events plugin (Pavilion’s) and the discourse-calendar (Discourse’s) plugin on your instance. The discourse-calendar plugin gives the class .calendar a set height (645px), and the discourse-events plugin uses that same class in the settings view.

Unless you have specific needs served by the discourse-events plugin (i.e. Pavilion’s) I would suggest you use the discourse-calendar plugin to manage your events and uninstall discourse-events. We actually use discourse-calendar ourselves to manage internal Pavilion events. We only maintain discourse-events for specific use cases we’re supporting, otherwise we’d deprecate it entirely.


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