When editing a post, save your non-comitted edits as a draft

Was editing a wiki post, tested out an external link in the preview window (didn’t open in a new window even though I have it set to default to do so), pressed back button and lost everything I had written.

When creating a new post, it seems to save your draft – I assumed edits were handled the same way, but it appears they aren’t.

(first time posting in the feature category – hopefully I’m doing it right)


I just mentioned this in the past day.

It was suggested to continue the multiple draft feature discussion here.

EDIT: unless you mean using the auto save feature for edits as well as making new topics and replies?

Right – expanding draft feature to support edits of existing posts.

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got the problem right now.

I was editing my post, I miss the T key and pressed ctrl+R instead, it has refreshed the page and lost all the new content …
Normally I find it when I reopen the editor but not this time :sadpanda:

Let me try that Mattheiu!

I am typing lots of stuff until I see the saved indicator… wait for it… wait for it… wait for it…

ok :boom: pressing ctrl+r now!

no repro