Saw this job posting from Reddit

…and it sounds like the need to be on Discourse with theme components :joy: /s


I just thought of how to do all those things in Discourse, I’ve seen theme components for the image gallery, and I have enough of an understanding now to do stock tickers if I wanted to. The only thing I don’t know about the NBA one is where to get the info (I don’t know anything about sports, I’m sure there are credible sites who keep track of this in real time with APIs people can use, assuming the main NBA sites don’t do this for you all-ready) but it would work the same way as the stock tickers.

I think many people have realized with the recent Reddit Armageddon is that as nice as it gets or was, you don’t really own your community or content when Reddit can reopen your Subreddit and change the mods.

So the push I’ve seen from big Subreddits to move to their own discourse sites has been great.

All reddit users are moving to lemmy because discourse doesn’t have groups (clubs) run by the community, not by admins. And discourse doesn’t have full fediverse yet

Individual users may be migrating to Lemmy, but my statement was about the people who run some of the largest Subreddits, some mods are transitioning to Discourse and its working out for them.

Though as per your clubs comment: User created categories I have a feature request here if you would like to show your support.

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discourse is one community on one platform, and reddit is many communities on one platform. The privilege of users to create categories will bring chaos. Categories will be duplicated as each will try to attract users to their category. It is unlikely that discourse will be able to completely replace reddit

I can see a case for having many related communities on a single Discourse site. For example, with the recent threat by Facebook to stop displaying links to Canadian news sites, multiple Canadian news organizations could use a single Discourse site as their comment platform. This could provide some of the network effect that they’re currently getting from Facebook. So essentially there would be multiple related communities at the category/group level on a single Discourse site.


In fact, it will be one big community, even if you call each category a separate community. The sign of a separate community is the complete independence of one community from another

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