User created categories

Hey All,

Back with another suggestion. I’d like to ask that some sort of Subreddit like system or “Clubs” as other software call them, be considered. It would allow a Discourse site to allow users their own spaces relevant to the site’s purpose or theme to exist. With the chat coming in and other various features that compete with social media, this would be one of the last things Discourse is missing in my opinion.

Some basic functionality would include:

  • Ability for users to create categories inside of their club
  • Some sort of invite/management system of who is in the club.

This is something that we are working towards but it’s a heavy lift because having unlimited numbers of categories introduces performance issues at an admin level. We’re very close to a compromise.


That’s exciting to hear!

Would you be able to talk about it at all from a technical prospective?

If not I’ll wait :).


@saquetim may be able to provide some details.


Any word on this :)?

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Yes, I’m really hopeful for something like this. One thing that has it the ability to create almost sub-forums, and I’ve been hoping Discourse could allow more self-organizing as well :pray: