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What is

  • Helps developers and maintainers of open-source projects understand how their software is being used, where it’s being downloaded from, and by whom.
  • Provides insights into things like user adoption, geographic distribution, and company usage.
  • This data can help developers make informed decisions about their projects, such as what features to prioritize or how to market their software more effectively.

How to install it in your discourse website.

  1. Follow Perform Google Search Console (a.k.a Google Webmaster Tools) Verification with Discourse
  2. However instead of putting in a google html in HEAD, put in your marketing pixel. See below for an example.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 9.53.52 PM

That can be problematic at least for EU-users.

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Scarf is a GDPR -compliant data processor, and is currently undergoing SOC2 certification via FAQ

So it isn’t delivering anykind personal data what so ever. Good to know.