Scheduled invites - plugin idea

Just like with scheduling mailing lists in the words of mail lists, I’d like to create multiple “invite schedules” and assign them to users.

For instance, in our goat farmers community we have 2 veterinaries. The second one just came now and is very active.

Every time I recall a good topic and invite her to participate in the discussion, she takes over with pleasure. So I came up with the idea that I’d like to build a list and schedule invites, .e.g invite her to some topic once every 2 days. I’d setup it once for a few weeks and get back to my other duties.

Inviting people to discussions relevant to them manually and regularly has become time consuming now that we have 800 members. Still, we have to do it because inviting works so great that it allows us to reanimate old topics with great success and sometime eventually make them appear in google top10 by some specific keywords.

Anyone else would use such a feature?

P.S. To me it looks like plugin area.

Sounds to me like you could just as easily create your own little micro-app for this. Host it cheap on something like AWS or Google Cloud.