Scraping excerpts with latest.json (or plugin)

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Hi all,

I was looking at this post here by Daemon Labs, about scraping the latest.json endpoint and displaying this as a card layout. Simple, elegant, easy to follow. The problem comes in that I can’t figure out how to get the excerpt property to populate in the topic objects. It’s not that it’s empty, it’s that it doesn’t exist, and when I check the latest.json endpoint for this website (, I don’t see any excerpts there either.

I’m not sure whether this was an old feature that no longer exists (it’s still in the API, as far as I saw), or whether there’s some sort of configuration I missed to enable excerpts, or whether this is something I should be doing with a plugin that produces a new endpoint (e.g. latest-with-endpoints.json) with excerpts baked in.

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Are you looking in the wrong place?

"excerpt":"Support on configuring and using Discourse after it is up and running. For installation questions, use the install category.",

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That’s only the category description excerpt, no? What the Daemon post discusses is scraping excerpts from individual topics. Also, I’d like to be able to do this in a single request, without having to scrape multiple category topics or know which topics exist beforehand. Hopefully I’m not misunderstanding!

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Hmm, I thought getting the Category excerpts was what it was intended to do. But looking again, you’re correct, it does mention topic excerpts.

I notice arguments are being passed into the function, but I don’t see where they are defined. I have a feeling I’m missing something obvious. It’s a heat wave here and that isn’t helping me think (that’s the excuse I’m sticking to)

One of the arguments is “feed” and I know excerpts are in RSS feeds, so unless there’s some magic happening that crucial bit is missing in the example?

As for getting what you want “in a single request” I guess that will depend on what you want.

Did you already try it?

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Ah, somehow I entirely missed that there was an RSS feed. Should’ve expected as much! That’s actually easier as everything else is syndicated through several RSS feeds already.

Thanks a bunch!

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