Being able to display excerpts for some categories only on /latest

This is a great theme component. Thank you.

Would it be possible to have the /latest page behave differently?

Currently it displays excerpts for all topics if no categories are chosen in the TC settings, or displays excerpts for no topics if any category is chosen in the TC settings.

It would be nice for it to show excerpts in the /latest page for some categories’ topics and not others.


As an alternative, you can use the following example SCSS:

$categories: "marketplace", "general";

@each $category in $categories {
    .topic-list-item.category-#{$category} .topic-excerpt {
        display: none;

This hides the excerpts for the categories “marketplace” and “general”.


This idea could be handy crafted into a theme-component or added feature to allow members to turn excerpts on or off on a category/tag type.