Screen goes dim when pressing bottom πŸ”§

Continuing the discussion from Topic :wrench: menu cut off in landscape (admin): Firstly thanks awesomerobot for the fix! I found that if you turn screen landscape and press the bottom wrench the screen goes dim and you cannot press any actions. Not sure if this relates to other topic as it happened before the fix. Video below:


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Can you reproduce in safe mode? I’m curious if it is theme related. No repro here on Meta with the default light or dark theme.

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Hello, yes I could repro in safe mode. However the only difference is that if I hold (press), drag screen and release dimness disappears and it works. :thinking:

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I can see this issue, looks like it’s been around before the other fix… guessing there’s just a media query that’s not quite wide enough to account for large phones in landscape. Will take a closer look.


Annnd I thought I would report it now :neutral_face:. I could have saved you a job. However, thanks for looking into it!

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This fixes it, we were only accounting for vertical layouts on mobile


OK updating now. Thanks so much :blush:


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