Scrollbar doesn't go to the top when opening the admin panel

(Coin-coin le Canapin) #1

When I’m on a topic on which I have scrolled down (even just a bit), like this:

And I go the admin panel, the admin opens like this:

Which forces me to scroll up in order to actually see the admin tabs.
This is a bit annoying and it would be better if the scrollbar went automatically up when we enter the admin panel.

(Sam Saffron) #2

@Osama can you add to your list.

Repro is:

  1. reload this topic
  2. scroll down
  3. click admin from menu
  4. it is positioned correctly
  5. click back
  6. scroll down
  7. click admin from menu
  8. it is not positioned right

You can hold off on fixing this for 24 hours or so in case @eviltrout has any ideas here cause ember should really have our back here.


Fixed in:


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