Search 502 errors in 2.5.0.beta6

I just upgraded to 2.5.0.beta6. After the successful upgrade completed, all searches fail resulting in the following message after an extended period of think time (animating circle):

I have tried rebooting the server, and this does not resolve the issue.

Any insight? Thank you.

UPDATE 1: I am currently regenerating the search index. I have no idea if this will help.

UPDATE 2: rake search:reindex did not fix the 502 error issue.

UPDATE 3: Sometimes instead of getting a 502 error, I get the message, “Site is under extreme load, search is disabled, try again later.” This message has never appeared before. This is not a high-use Forums.

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If the database was upgraded to Postgres 12 it might take time for things to stabilize?

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Does the latest docker image use PostgreSQL 12 and @codinghorror how do you define “take time”? Should I let it be to resolve itself or do I need to fix something?

UPDATE: Yes, PostgeSQL 12.

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Ok, I went and read this:

I received the following message, so I assume the upgrade to PostreSQL 12 worked for me:

Upgrade Complete

To complete the upgrade, rebuild again using:

./launcher rebuild app

I am curious if this search bug will fix itself or if I need to do something.


Ok, search is working again on 2.5.0b6, but it’s really slow compared to 2.5.0b3.

Any advice?

Hello @ravenzachary

You might consider checking the integrity of your PostgreSQL indexes and making sure they are working properly and not corrupted.


Thank you. What commands would I use for that?

Here ya go @ravenzachary

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