Search-banner: welcome text for unregistered users

I would like to have the search banner display the subheading depending on if the user is logged in or not. This way I can easily mention that only a subset of categories are available. One option would be to have a general way to have different configs for the same component for multiple levels, the other option is to add a new text for unauthenticated users. “Please register to search in all Categories” vs. “Welcome …”.


Possibly you could achieve what you’re looking for with CSS. I’m not a CSS expert, but was just looking at a similar issue. Something like this added to your theme might do the trick:

.anon .custom-search-banner p:after {
    content: "Please register to search in all Categories.";
    display: block;

Anon users will see:

Logged in users will see:

If you use this, be sure to test on mobile devices and ideally a few different desktop browsers.


Thanks for the tip! I went the easy route and formulated the text more neutral. Still think it would be useful to have out of the box. Is the post here and the tags enough to keep the idea?