Search Results “Show More” Change?

Moderator for Anime Network.

In the last 3-4 days, there was apparently an update that effected the way the topic search results are shown.


If there are more than 5 results in a thread, there is a “More” at the bottom. Before, you clicked on more and the drop-down menu expanded to show results. Now, however, clicking on “More” takes me to another page where the results are listed.

Quick info: We post general anime information in one large thread, and when an anime is licensed in North America, it gets its own thread.

Pulling posts from this larger thread is now complicated by the fact that I can either do it 5 posts at a time, OR get taken to the secondary results page and then have to go back and “Select Posts” to move them.

I know this is really long and I’m terribly sorry. I hope I’ve explained this clearly.

Is there some reason this was changed? Can it be changed back?

Thank you for your time.


Hmm, I don’t recall this change being recent at all.

So you have 3-4 posts sprinkled across thousands, at random intervals, that you need to split out to a new topic? So you might move post #3, #300, #4500, and #6102 to that new topic? It’d help if I had more specifics on the use case.

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This is the catch-all thread for anime news (titles that don’t already have their own thread.) This thread has over 5,000 posts.

Sometime this week, I’ll be making a separate thread for an anime titled Shinkalion. Doing a “Search in Topic” there are 20 results. When I want to pull these posts to put them in a new thread, I’ll have to it 5 posts at a time (total results in drop-down) OR use that newer results page and click on each post, be redirected to the thread and then repeat.

Does this make sense? I mean, it’s NEVER 3-4 posts, always more than 10-15.

EDIT - I do use the post numbers, and when I’m taken to the secondary page, there aren’t any.


Annoying for me.

Yes, the search behavior is changed after the recent commit. It is now fixed by commit


Thank you so much!

You guys are awesome!