Search for posts gives wrong/incomplete results


We have a topic in discourse where protocols from meetings are posted and discussed. Every protocol post starts with “Protokoll der FSR-Sitzung vom” where is of course the date of the meeting.

Searching for these posts not always results in finding the post.
There is a post with this text:

Protokoll der FSR-Sitzung vom 25.07.2018

Search query:

Protokoll der FSR-Sitzung vom 18.07.2018
Nächste Sitzung: 25.07.2018

The result is not wrong because it contains everything I searched for but it’s missing the post where the search string exactly matches the post content.
Shouldn’t I get this post aswell as it exactly matches the search string?

Unfortunately the board is private so I can’t share the posts and search queries directly but I hope you can enlighten me :slight_smile:


Are both posts in the same topic? I think there is logic that rolls up similar posts found into a single result in the search because it is in the same topic (but I very well could be wrong)

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Yes, the posts are in the same topic. You could be right but there would be no way to fetch the post I need via API requests in that case. That doesn’t seem right.

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If you know you are searching within a topic why not use the “search within topic” API?

test 25.07.2018



Hi! Thank you for your answer. It’s working that way!
Is this documented anywhere? I checked what my browser was requesting to build my URL.

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