Search function changes

I’m noticing the search function is working differently lately and I don’t know if this is something that’s coming from Discourse or if it’s my browser. I use the website on a desktop computer with Chrome.

After searching for a topic/post, I get a drop-down menu with results. Used to be able to arrow down to the one I wanted, hit “Enter” and it would take me there. Now, the arrow down doesn’t work. Have to change from keyboard to mouse to click.

Second, if I am searching for something and use the “in:title” in the search, it no longer give me results, it now drops down and shows me my search and I have to click on that in order to complete my search.


If this is something that my computer is doing, please let me know. This is frustrating because of all the extra clicking I have to do since the arrow down doesn’t work any more.


These are changes on our end, your computer is probably ok! We’re trying out some things to make search features more discoverable, for example if you type in:

Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 1.38.07 PM

We’re also aware of the arrow key navigation issue and plan on fixing it. Tabbing through the results still works, if you’re looking for keyboard nav in the meantime.


Thanks for the quick response. Glad to know that arrow key thing will be back!

Another quick question about the in:title thing, I understand your example, but we don’t really use anything except the “in:title” prompt, so having that dropdown is pretty useless to us.

Our main thing is finding topics and we have several that have pretty generic small words that don’t usually show up in a search (“your search items are too small”) so having that in:title search is extremely helpful.

Examples of some of our topics

  • 86
  • All Out
  • Do It
  • Red

See my problem?


The arrow down/up issue should be fixed via:

The in:title search is still there. If you want to trigger it by typing the full string, you just need to add a space at the end and it will trigger a search.

There is also a quicker option. Type 86 in:, wait briefly for the suggestions to show up, then hit arrow down (to select the first suggestion, which is 86 in:title) and then hit Enter. It needs some muscle memory retraining, but it’s a couple of keystrokes shorter.


Confirming that my arrow key now works! Thank you so much!!!