Search prioritisation not working as expected

On I search for Accessibility and get these results

The first relevant results are down at positions 13 and 16 and the majority of results are for the word Access instead.

Now if I search for “Accessibility” including the speech marks I get the search I’m looking for.

I also searched on my own forum the word Musical to try to reproduce and that result is much more what I’d expect. Not sure if it’s just specific for this sites corpus or not.

I was just searching for this today and it struck me as not ideal behavior, so here’s a report.

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I’ve reported the same exact issue with accessibility/access to the team internally. Apparently it’s due to our search’s stemmer, which is fairly basic… more on stemming:

We’d like to make our stemming more intelligent at some point in the future, but we don’t have that work scheduled yet.