Search result list truncates topic title after amending it

Hi there,

while working on investigating Database migration chokes on huge value of a "calendar-details" item in table "post_custom_fields", we amended the topic title twice in order to better reflect the reason and outcome of our research into the respective details.

Now, when trying to find the topic back using the search feature at Search results for 'calendar-details' - Discourse Meta, we found that there is some truncation going on when displaying the topic title.

I haven’t seen this before so I wanted to share this with you.

Keep up the good work and with kind regards,

On meta we have enabled the hidden site setting use pg headlines for excerpt which produces this result. It’s a performance optimization introduced in:


SiteSetting.use_pg_headlines_for_excerpt will be true by default in the next release so I’ll have to fix this bug.


I have a PR up to fix this:

Thank you for reporting @amotl


Is this still the plan? :smiley:

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Yup I need to get to this for the next release.

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Note we needed some bypasses here for Chinese locales (I think) it was injecting tons of spaces.

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