Search results for Replit Forums not linking properly

I’ve described the issue here. (on Replit forums.)

It seems to work fine here though. (on Discourse Meta)
there is a video that will better explain the problem in the link but I can’t post it here due to being a new user.
I clicked on the search result 3 times but it never takes me to it :


I tried to search for “Day 65” in all topics and posts.
it shows some results but clicking on any one of them doesn’t take me to it.
Instead the search window collapses.


hi @vvithershins :wave: welcome to Meta :slight_smile:
hmmm. I can reproduce this on your forum and at least one other hosted instance. I cannot reproduce here on Meta nor my latest local dev pull, so it’s since been fixed in a commit somewhere - I also notice the following:

  • search works for anon users (not logged in)
  • doesn’t matter what browser I use
  • still happens in safe mode
  • can right click on the search result link and follow it to the correct URL
  • doesn’t work with any search parameters

I tried on your forum, and I can’t reproduce it. Have you made any updates to Discourse since then?

I believe it has been fixed two days ago here:


I’m just a regular user of the Replit forums that reported the issue there and was advised to report it here instead.

Everything seems to be working fine now though.

Thank you both @Lilly and @Arkshine.


Glad to hear. A fix was deployed today. :slight_smile:


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