Using the "search this topic" check box blocks search on other pages

I can reproduce this here.

  1. Click the Search magnifying glass, enter a term, and check the box for “Search this topic”
  2. Click the “Discourse” logo on the upper left.
  3. Click the Search magnifying glass: nothing happens.

A little while later it comes back, but I don’t know if it is some activity I’m doing or what that fixes it.


This is a legit bug @tgxworld and I think Imgur was reporting it as well?


Yup it is the same bug and I’m fixing it atm. Problem here is that the search context is not being reset after we navigate away from the route.


For me, none of the top right buttons work: search, hamburger, or user icon.

Edit: When I come back into the topic where I searched, the search is still showing. ie. it didn’t close when I navigated away from the page.

PR in

I found another bug in the process where we did not refresh the results when the search context has changed/become invalid. If you are searching within a topic and you navigate to the home page and open the search menu again, the search results would still be scoped to the topic that you navigated from.


This still acts really really strange … we got to fix it properly.

  1. Search for legit here:

  1. Close search by clicking anywhere

  2. Click “home”

  3. Click “Search”

@tgxworld can you sort this out so it behaves more sanely… I guess if we are not clearing the term we should at least properly reset the search results so it searches globally for legit


Fixed in

I’ll need to look at adding the test case next week because it wasn’t straight forward.


Oops I had to do a take 2 on this and this is properly tested now.