Search shortcut opens Quick Find on Firefox

Not sure if this has been covered before, but pressing / to open the search box on Discourse also opens Quick Find on Firefox. Can we change the key to something else?

Are you saying that the shortcut opens both the Discourse-internal search box and Firefox’s in-page search at the same time (which I cannot reproduce), or that Discourse hijacks the shortcut so it only opens Discourse’s internal search (which is expected behavior)?

I can reproduce that, in Firefox 46.0.1 on Ubuntu Gnome 16.04.

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Oops. Actually, I can reproduce it too, I was just looking in the wrong spot (Chrome really got me used to the top-right corner) :blush:


I’m on Firefox 51.0.1 (64-bit) installed on opensuse and can reproduce this bug.

Actually, quick search opens for all shortcuts :confused:

I am using Firefox nightly v57.0.a1

When I press /, both Firefox and Discourse search open.

When I press Ctrl+Shift+s, then the Firefox Webtool Debugger and the Discourse search open.

Some refactoring has been done recently though.

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ouch, did not test that this does not clash with firefox… will see if I can properly hijack it.

Why was Ctrl+Shift+s introduced? Are there any other apps using that combo for search? What about ctrl+F for find?

It came up here

Short answer, finding keyboard shortcuts that work in all browsers and all keyboards is hard!


I think we ended up picking ctrlaltf which seems to be holding up.