You can no longer press ctrl+f twice to use native Find

I’m not sure when this changed but it used to be that ctrl+f once would bring up Discourse’s Find feature and pressing it a second time would bring up the browser’s native Find feature. I thought this was quite useful, but now the behaviour has changed and the second press closes Discourse’s Find and does nothing else.

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The searc function, can be active with /.

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No, this is a legitimate bug. On long topics, pressing CTRL + F will open the Discourse Search, press it again and it should open the native browser search.

PR of it working previously


Yeah, that’s a regression. I think I know what the problem is… will fix it tonight.


I bisected to this commit.

We should probably add an acceptance tests too :blush:

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I think this should fix it:

I have no idea how to do this. Is it possible to check if the browser handled the event?
You can add it if you want. :wink: Would be great to see how this can be done.


Thanks, all! Good job.

For anybody being bugged by the Ctrl+f key combination not working on some other websites which have taken it over…

I have found myself getting used to pressing Alt+d, Ctrl+f.

Alt+d puts you in the address bar, from there the search shortcut works.
(tested in Chrome).


Merged! Thanks for the fix @gerhard.


Confirmed works, thanks again!