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This is probably a very silly question but I need to link to the forum from another website with a search query but any search queries I run come up with the wrong answers.

For instance, if I want to search for DN1 via ../search?q=DN1 , it also comes up with DN10, DN11,DN101, etc. If I try something like ../search?q=DN1%20 it just strips the whitespace and comes up with the same result. I tried various other ways but cannot find the correct search query to run. So what is the correct way?


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I had a similar problem recently trying to search here for “app”; I tried searching for "app ", but that didn’t seem to work either.

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Seems fine to me… it is a slow search since there are a billion hits for a word so generic though

I think the issue is searching for “app” without the “approve” results in second slot. If a stem is less common than a complete word, finding just the stem is difficult. The request is for a way to not get those longer results.


I was looking for a quote from you saying something like "the JavaScript app is the documentation ", but it was also matching every word that starts with “app” so I gave up. As the OP says, there seems to be no way to search for “app” without also matching “approve”, “apple”, and so on.

Why didn’t you search for “JavaScript app” with the quotes? Try it.

The problem here is simply solved by looking for "app " (with a space behind it and in quotation marks"). This gives you the following url: /search?q="app%20"

But for some reason on our forum that does not work; it now gives me all the results for where the search-string as well as quotation marks appear and not just the search-string itself.
Note also the double quotation marks in 16 results found for ""dn1 "", which it does not do in Meta.
We are still running a slightly older version: v1.9.0.beta2 +27 but could that explain the difference?

Are you running latest?

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Sorry to get back to you so late. I was waiting for our main developer to come back from holiday but it seems he has disappeared so I went ahead and upgraded myself. Indeed, this has solved the problem!