Searching for a theme - hamburger on left, smaller font

The other day, not long before the forum here went into maintenance mode, the theme on my mobile was different. The “hamburger” was on the left rather than the right. The layout was slightly different – a bit fussier, with a smaller font. Anyway, which theme was this? I’ve looked through some and haven’t found it so far, so maybe it was just an experiment.

hmm could be they had mobile view or part of it turned off? i’ve been asking to have that hamburger icon in mobile moved to the left for awhile (no idea why it hasn’t been moved over yet, but i suspect it’s not an easy change - i’ve tried unsuccessfully writing a theme component to do it in fact). Why is hamburger icon still in the top right corner in mobile view for the new sidebar?

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I’ve just checked, and yes it seems to have been desktop view on mobile. It actually looks quite nice. They can’t be far off being able to merge the two.

Completely agree!