Secondary/subsequent container instantiation fails?

Hi guys.

I’ve only started playing with Discourse so go easy on me please.

I’ve deployed first container successfully - it’s Bitnami’s for Discourse’s own do not work on RHEL/Centos - then destroyed/removed the container, having db in pgsql intact I attempted what I deem as common & trivial, I re-deployed the same container anew but this time container keeps restarting with logs stuck at:

discourse 15:52:17.79 INFO ==> Populating database
discourse 15:52:24.18 INFO ==> Creating admin user

If I drop db & give container a new, empty one, then deployment will succeed.

I do not suppose that is supposed be failing, right?

I’m sorry but we can’t help you with bitnami-related issues here. You’re going to need to reach out to the package maintainer directly if you’re intent on using it.

The only supported install is the standard install - I would strongly recommend you consider switching over to it.

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