Secure discourse session

Hello, We had a problem to enable the https on discourse, I would like to know if there any workaround to secure only the session of the forum.

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Is this on a self-hosted solution or a discourse cloud solution ?

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is the self-hosted solution

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Did you follow the official install guide?


Yes, I search if there is a solution to secure only the sessions.

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i don’t think you can just secure the forum sessions only.

rather have everything secure.

get the sysadmin to check the error logs why https is not working and get it working. If you the sysadmin, then google the error and get *nix help.


Thanks @IAmGav, There is no way to secure the cookies ?

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Yes, lock them up in the cupboard and hope I don’t find the key cause I :heart: chocolate chip cookies.

P.s: The traffic you want to secure is from the client to the server (that includes the so called cookies) and back. That is done via https. Even if you somehow, by a miracle, find a way to secure the cookies part only, then it serves no purpose.

On a side note: Seems like you need help. Private message me the https issue and let me see if I can help you.

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