Seeking a current guide for DigitalOcean droplet using the 1-click "Discourse 14.04" button

(Dylan Hunt) #1

Everything wants me to access some “yml” file that doesn’t seem to exist with the latest and greatest way to install Discourse, now that it’s an official 1-click app on DigitalOcean droplets.

Anyone have a non-dated guide? I’m struggling with setting up my SMTP :confused: I did a CURL test and my smtp works fine, but alas, not getting an email after registering with my admin! I’m using sparkpost for SMTP.

(cpradio) #2

Where are you looking for the app.yml file?

As that is standard with every Discourse install, it should be located in /var/discourse/containers/app.yml

(Dylan Hunt) #3

Ah so every guide seems to start at /var/discourse/ … i just thought it was /

Thanks … this reply helps a lot. Should probably update the top-level readmes to display full path rather than /var/discourse/ as the working so others like me don’t repost newb questions :slight_smile: