Seeking help with user pop-up enhancement: inserting unique privat chat link

Hey there!

I`m Oksana, PM from the humanitarian hub

We are working on an innovative app to combat dehumanization in online discussions of hot topics. We’re developing a mediation tool that integrates with the Discourse API and are seeking help to implement an additional feature on the Discourse side.

Here’s a user story we’re looking to make happen:

  • A user posts a message or comment in any forum topic (the message then gets sent to our mediation tool)
  • The user sees a pop-up saying, “Your message has been sent for mediation. Please proceed to a private chat with the mediator here: [link]”.

Right now, the user only sees a pop-up stating, “Your message has been sent for mediation,” but we want to enhance it by including a link to a unique private chat with a mediator.

We are in need of someone with experience in building on the Discourse platform, as we currently lack developers with this specific skill set.
Looking forward to any tips or help you can offer!

I think I would do it with a plugin that would create the pm and do a redirect there, or perhaps include a link on the message they created.

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Oh thanks!
But are you talking about a specific plugin, or does it not exist yet?

It does not exist.

Oh, but you mean a chat and not a PM. I think it should be possible to add that link to your pop-up. You’d Reverse engineer the Discourse API and figure out where that link would be.