New Offering: Install Discourse and WordPress in one Droplet

A month ago, I started offering a $99 install service, and Discourse is my primary source of income (if I don’t count my partner).

I have just added a new service, for $250 I will install Discourse and Wordpress in a single droplet. By default it’s in a 1GB ($10/month) droplet, but if you have much traffic, you will probably want to bump up to 2GB. (And to test out a feature of my shopping cart system, I’ve set a sale price of $200 until next Wednesday.)

For those interested in the technical details, I install Apache, MySQL, and PHP on the server, move Discourse to a different port, and configure Apache to reverse proxy to the Discourse container. You get both sites at their setup screens, ready for your customization. The WP Discourse and Mailgun plugins are pre-installed, but not configured. Also, I set up all of the DNS records using Digital Ocean’s name servers, so all you need to do is configure your domain registrar to Digital Ocean’s servers.

If you’ve already done the standard install yourself, for the same price, I’ll add the Apache, MySQL, PHP, Wordpress configuration to your existing Droplet.

Though both of these services are one-time mostly automated installations with no support, I am also available to provide support for people new to Discourse, who need help getting started and don’t have time or interest in figuring out technical details on their own.


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