Select Post and move to other Discourse

I wanna move post and comment to other website Discourse. And select option user to post. List user of other Discourse. Can we build or ready to do it?
My available budget: 100$
Many thank!

That is not possible. But you can go into edit mode, copy the content, and paste it into the other discourse instance. If there are images or attachments, you’lk obviously have to upload them to the other instance separately.

we can post by API.
I tested, we can post via API. Only need pipeline to do it. Can you or who can do it for me?
Maybe move my topic to marketplace

You can change the category of your own topics yourself. But remember that you should state some details (such as the available budget) when posting in #marketplace.

It should be possible with a plug-in and API calls. You’ll need to increase your budget by a factor of 5 to 10, I’d think


Your mind? 100$ upto 500$? :slight_smile: and maybe 1000$ ?? <3

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