Selecting the Quarter results in custom way


We are using Discourse for our community platform and we have a bit different Quarterly system required for our team reporting which is sent out to the Staff members.

Currently, the Quarterly shows the month from May 30th till August 30th.

But, we want to see the result from May 1st till July 30th.

Please tell us how it can be possible from the UI OR if there is a way to use some sort of Plugin which can query the database directly.


The date ranges in your screenshot are based on the current date. You can use Data Explorer to pull out more tailored views.


Thanks for the reply.

We do have this plugin and I was for e.g. able to get a simple select query for that particular table.



Link to CSV file

However, if I modify the same query to get the results from Month of May, I get no result

SELECT * FROM topics WHERE created_at='2022-05-01' LIMIT 5

Can you please help.


Your query would only return topics if they were created at exactly midnight on that date. If you’re looking for topics created any time on that day, you would use something like this:

SELECT * FROM topics
WHERE created_at >= '2022-05-01'
AND created_at < '2022-05-02'
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Thank you. That gives me the results I wanted :slight_smile:

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