Self Hosted Forum - When to Upgrade to Larger Droplet?

I have a self-hosted forum on Digital Ocean. I was wondering if people have any rules of thumb for when they need to upgrade from one size droplet to another? What are the key metrics they look at?

Here is the current state of my droplet:


When you run out of disk space.

2GB is plenty if you include swap.

Imho none of those graphs look like a problem.


So, by “disk space” you mean disk usage (from above)?

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And by “run out” - how would you define that?

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Yeah that’s your biggest constraint here. That’s probably going to bite you eventually but on DO you can enlarge that without moving server.

Make sure you always have at least 5GB free.

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Where do I check on this… I’m hunting around on DO to find this measure. or are you just saying don’t go much above 90% or 95% usage on a 50 gb disk droplet?

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90% presumably.

So to deal with that safely and calmly, increase it when it hits 85%.


Your cpu is all but idle. If you aren’t experiencing trouble don’t go looking for it.

If you’re asking someone else for next year’s budget, tell them it’s time. :slight_smile:

You could also add a CDN for likely less than increasing the droplet size would cost. It might help, especially if users are far away from the server.