Does my Digital Ocean droplet have enough memory?

I’d like to know whether the usage of my droplet instance merits an upgrade. I’m currently running the $10pm service but due to a stalled upgrade which required a manual restart due to running out of memory I’m thinking it’s due as I’m currently at roughly 75% utilisation.

I have been unable to find any guidance on when i should consider upgrading, but 75% sounds a little too high to me.

Here’s a screenshot of my usage:

Can anyone tell me if my instance merits an upgrade? Bear in mind this screenshot shows last 24 hours and it’s probably the quietest day of the week.

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Absolutely no way to tell from those graphs, you’d need to do it across a few active days at least, if not a week.


75% doesn’t sound like a problem. This is a 2gb droplet? (yes, unless you created it a long time ago)

How big is your database?

But really, are you having performance issues or are you just looking for trouble?


OK here are the graphs for the last 7 days. Yes, it’s a 2GB droplet. I tried the rake db command and it’s listed my database but I’m not sure how to see the total size? It can’t be that big, site is only a few months old.

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I don’t see any obvious problems. Unless you or your users are experiencing any issues I would find something else to worry about.


Linux will use as much memory as is available. High memory usage isn’t a problem. As long as the swap isn’t highly active, which can be seen by your Disk IO, then you’re fine. Only if it’s thrashing swap constantly should you be looking at increasing your memory.