Semi-Private Replies - replies only visable to level-X and above

Feature idea, perhaps something like it exists?

I would love to be able to “semi-privately” reply to users in their topic

What is a semi-private reply?

  • A reply that only the OP, plus Level 4 and above can see
  • The reply would not specifically address their question, it would just contain tips on how to improve the OP’s topic

The pattern this feature hopes to address:

  • A person, usually new, comes in and starts discussion // asks a question
  • There are issues with the setup of their topic. (For example, with a poorly formatted programming question we’ll suggest they make a reproducible example).
  • Lately, we publically reply with tips on how to improve the way they ask their question. A significant percentage of our new topics require this kind of intervention.
  • Only then, do folks address the actual topic under discussion.

I increasingly feel there is a problem with that third bullet

  • It usually means the first reply doesn’t address the topic. The discussion is not as tidy as it could be.
  • Publically calling out folks like this can (and from experience often does) feel unfriendly. I feel these things should be handled in PM. However, PMs are not visible to other active folks. I feel publically calling out a user should only occur after a bad pattern really emerges.
  • The semi-public setup means other active folks know we’ve started to help guide this new user, and so they can move on to directly addressing their question.

This feature is similar to this feature request:

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Why not send this person a PM, which you can do by clicking flag on their post, or in the composer by clicking the reply arrow at upper left? Why does the private reply need to be in the same topic with special rules?

Whispers already exist but are staff only.