Is it possible to reply to a topic without bumping it?

Sometimes I want to reply to a person, to answer a question, without “bumping” or “signal-boosting” their topic to the top of “Latest”. Is there some way to do that, as a user, or some way to enable that as an admin in the configuration settings?

I can DM the person to answer the question in their post but then everybody else who sees their post won’t know it’s already been answered or responded to.

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If you are a staff member then yes there is.

  1. When you are composing a reply press where read arrow is indicating.

  1. Select this option



Thank you. I wonder if the Discourse dev team would consider allowing admins to toggle that feature on for regular users as well.

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Not sure. I’ll let them answer that :wink:

Can you explain the use case in detail? It’s not something that I remember being requested before.