Send custom email when user is added to group?

Is it possible to create and automatically send a custom email to welcome new users to a specific group after an admin adds them to the group? I see the default ones for welcoming staff, etc but don’t see how to create a custom one.



I don’t think any group automatic welcome PM functionality exists at the moment.

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Thanks for the reply @codinghorror!

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One clarification, @david reminded me apparently we do send a notification as of August 2019:

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It looks like this:
Screenshot 2020-05-07 at 18.09.50


Thanks! I did pick up on that. More of what we’re looking for is to be able to customize a DM or email being sent when we manually add people to a group in bulk vs accepting people’s requests to join a group.

Our use case:

We run a private beta program using an invite only group and would like to be able to share a canned email to them every time someone new is added (what’s currently in beta and where to find the instructions for each thing) vs having to add them to an existing message sent to the group OR send a new message to everyone in the group OR DM each person one by one.

At the very least being able to bulk add people to a group message would be helpful. Right now I have to add them one by one but I’m usually adding people to the group in bulk (the group add member has a bulk option I can paste in a list of email addresses) but don’t have that option for inviting someone to an existing message.

After the first batch of beta users were added to the group I sent a message to the group, then I’d add new people to the message one by one as new people were added to the group (we were continuing to collect form responses to be a part of this beta).

We have a vision for other group uses where we want to invite folks and they get instructions (that don’t change) when they’re added.

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We use this for a beta testing group as well, and I’d love to see this added.

Having the ability to add a snippet of text to the ‘accepted’ notification sent to new group members would allow us to direct them to an informational thread which has info on getting setup with TestFlight.

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To share another use case: I’m running a course forum, and I’d like to send personal checklists to all the new course team members, when they join. I’m combining this with the checklist plugin of course.