Notification when added to a group

Many users in my community get added to group(s) without knowing that they are actually added. So, I am proposing a notification, when someone is approved in a group:

+ Thomas_G added you to a group


+ added to group “xxxx”


Do we not have such a notification @sam?


Not sure @nbianca did the new approve user in group UX issue a notification?


Yes. After confirming a request, a notification informing that user was invited to a group will be created.


That’s great, thank you!

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Sorry to be so thick-headed here, but this feature is for when a member requests to be added to a group and is then approved, right? It doesn’t send a user an email if they were added to a group if they didn’t first request it? right?

If users can request membership in a group, and their request is approved, they’ll get a notification on the site, but no email.

We only send an email to the person(s) - group owners - approving the requests when the user creates it. The creator of the request never gets any emails.

If you manually add a member to a group, then they neither get a notification on site nor any emails.


Looking for a way to:

  • Notify users when manually adding them to a group.
  • Notify members of specific groups when new users are added.

Thanks for any tips or ideas!

I actually just merged in a change that added a notify users option to the add member to group modal. When this is checked, a PM will be sent to the user telling them they have been added to the group.

This also includes being able to add users to groups via email.