Send email to new users 24 hours after joining

Hi, is it possible to automatically send an email to new users 24 hours after they join a Discourse forum?

It would be nice to segment this too.

  1. Welcome email to new users who created an account but nothing else.
  2. Welcome email to new users who read for five minutes but no more.
  3. Welcome email to new users who created a new post.

The goal is to increase the conversion rate of new users into active contributors.


Not with Discourse itself, but this could easily be accomplished with Webhooks and a external mail server.


I used to do something similar at FeverBee using MailChimp.


Hi Hawk, did you need any other tools besides Discourse + MailChimp? Could you share the workflow?

It’s just occurred to me that I’ve thrown in a bit of a red herring.

Our site used WP SSO so we were able to use the WP–Mailchimp plugin to pull the new members over, outside of Discourse.

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This would be a cool native Discourse tool.

I don’t see this immediately making it into core, but we would be happy to see a plugin for it.


The onboarding automation is something that could do with some review (IMHO). I’m still trying to work with DiscoBot and while the tool is useful in itself, it is proving VERY hard to get new users to engage with it, so playing around with other low-impact messaging or activity, and delaying it to be able to segment users, would be very handy


You could use Zapier?

Create a webhook on user event, get Zapier to capture the name and email out of it, then get it to parse it into a list on mailchimp.


Our organization uses a mailing program that is tied into our donor database/management system. It could all possibly be configured and tied together. So, it is simpler for me (I understand, not for the Discourse developers) if the email engagement with the Discourse members is tied into the Discourse software.

I needed some guide here: there seems to be no webhook for “new users”, the plugin for this action also doesn’t work.

Then, is this still possible using webhooks and zapier?

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Combining it with a Data explorer query you should also be able to get the relevant data as JSON and feed that straight into Zapier:


An auto email/PM would be a great feature IMO

As of 2.1 this exists in the form of a TL0 to TL1 PM, which is more effective than what was proposed in the first post here.