Send Invites button should not be visible if local logins are disabled

No console errors, no error logs.

I’m also not sure what the experience is supposed to be? Is a modal supposed to appear?

Thanks guys.

EDIT: We have enable_local_logins: false. As the invite feature needs local logins, this Send Invites button shouldn’t be visible if enable_local_logins: false


I’m not able to reproduce this. When you click on the “Send Invites” button in the admin panel, it should take you to /u/jesse/invited/pending. Though, it doesn’t look like you even have an “Invites” tab on your user profile.

Is there any change in behavior when trying the same thing in safe mode? Have you enabled SSO out of curiosity?


We only have OAuth enabled through the plugin. So we have the site setting enable_local_logins: false

When I set this back to true, the pending invites appear.

This makes sense to me now. How could Discourse invite people if its own local logins are disabled?

The bug is that the Invite Users button should be hidden if enable_local_logins: false.


Fixed via:

Thanks for reporting this issue, @JezPez :+1: