Sender email name

I’m running a hosted Discourse setup (hosted on I’ve set up all my email settings properly (SPF and DKIM) and I’ve received a test email from successfully as configured in notification email. However I can’t figure out how to set the sender’s real name. Currently the email arrives with an ugly real name.

Is there a way I can change this?

I was actually about to ask the same thing :slight_smile:

My email is… so all emails are sent out having the name as “contact”

Is it possible to change that default name to something else?

Additionally, is there a placeholder that we could use for the email templates for the password?

Like “Your password is %{password}”

I know know… it’s probably not recommended. But I’m using Discourse as a paid community and I’d prefer to send the password directly via email.

I’m 100% sure that MANY people will have problems creating their password and will mail for support :slight_smile:


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Figured out how to change e-mails “From” name (not sure if that’s exactly what you were looking for):

BTW, check Settings > Emails. There are quite a few options there. You might find what you were looking for


That’s exactly it. Great. Thank you :slight_smile:


Can this be set to anything?

Hello I have same issue but I couldn’t resolve it could you please give some instructions of how