Sending a message on a deleted post generates spurious error

Here’s a reproducible (for me) bug in 2.6.0b1.

  1. Delete a post (as the admin).
  2. Click the flag button to send the user a message explaining why you deleted their post.
  3. Compose and send the message.
  4. Get this error dialog:


As far as I can tell, the message is sent properly, although when I retested this to get the screenshot, I noticed that the text of my first message had been remembered when I started to send the second message.

I realize I could probably avoid this by sending the message before deleting the post, but somehow that seems backward to me because I’m explaining something I’ve done, not something I’m about to do.


Alright, I have a fix for this:

Because we allow the other flag types on deleted posts I think we should still allow you to send a pm to a user on a deleted post. The downside however is that if you delete the post before you flag it when you send the PM to the user it won’t contain the quoted post you deleted and it will just be a link to the deleted post that the user won’t be able to see anymore. Which probably isn’t a big deal, but wanted to bring it up.

Flag first:

Delete first, then flag and send message:


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