Sending a private message automatically to new users?

Is there a way for me to automatically send a private message from my account to every new user?

I’m running a members-only forum and want to start a private message thread with every new user. Instead of waiting for them to do that, I want to automatically initiate the conversation when they join.

Right now I’m sending them out manually every time a new user joins.

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This already happens, try creating a new account on your site and notice the automatic incoming welcome PM. Edit the copy of that PM to taste via Admin, Customize, Text.


Thanks Jeff. I just tried that and got a “Greetings!” PM from Discobot.

  1. Is it possible for me to send this from my admin account instead of as Discobot?

  2. I can’t see the “Greetings!” PM under Admin > Customize > Text. I only see these 4:


Search for unique words in the text.


Found it! :+1:

IMHO that UX is a bit confusing. It gives the impression that there are only 4 messages available to edit and that the search functionality will just search within those 4 messages.

I think it would be clearer if it made it more obvious that there were a lot more messages that can be viewed and edited e.g. if there was a pagination indicator at the bottom of the list, that would have been a lot more obvious to me and I might have used the search before asking my silly question. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, can I send that message as myself or does it have to come from the Discobot account?


And if it has to come from a Discobot, can I or someone on my team be able to reply to it if a user has an issue or question?

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I see there were no answer to this, I’m also interested. Is it possible?

It’s not a plugin I’ve used as yet, but it may be possible to use Discourse-automation to trigger a message?