Sending chat message using icon, not enter, on tablets

When writing a message using a mobile sending will happend via ”paperplane icon” and enter of virtual keyboard will give new chapter, aka. carriage return.

I, and all of my apple related users, are struggling with virtual keyboard of iPad, but I reckon same happends with all tablets. When trying to fix a typo it is way too easy hit accidentally enter and send message too early. Plus there is no such things as new line because of lack of control key.

Is it totally mission impossible get same acting to all virtual keyboards, no matter size of screen?

Sure, I/we/them can change to mobile view but… it is not good and beautiful solution.


Bumping this

It’s incredibly frustrating when I accidentally send a chat message because my finger taps slightly below the backspace key. As a result, not only do I send an incomplete message but also parts I intended to delete.